Gloria's journal

By Gloriapatricia

It Makes Me So Cross

The top shot shows Jack walking along a well made path running between Great and Little Gransden. It makes a much quicker walk than going round the road. The lower shot illustates the lack of respect that some people have for our village. Some have taken to using the sides of the path to dump small electrical items and all kinds of domestic rubbish. I think it is a fairly recent thing and hope it stops very soon.

We watched a really good but very depressing 2018 film this afternoon "Jellyfish". All set in Margate which is a place we used to go on holiday in the 1960s. Seeing the poor condition of the front is very sad. My sister and I stayed there for a couple days when the Turner Gallery opened and there was hope that things would improve. Doesn't look like from this film.

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