By dfb24


...about the longest ones I’ve ever seen, except by a waterfall! A beautiful 34 degree day (1.1 C)—sunny too—so I went out for a long walk, & did that feel great! I only passed one other person the entire time. I had to watch where I was stepping as there were lots of icy patches, but there were also clear areas where I could stride along.
The other day when our power went out, it shorted something in our computer. I’m not sure how that happened as we have surge protectors but it no longer works & Tom said it’s unfixable. He’s ordered a new one which should be here in about 5 days, but meanwhile I may not be doing much commenting. It’s very difficult for me to comment via my phone as it strains my eyes because of the small print, & the ipad is not always much better. We have a laptop but Jennie is using it for her online classes. I’ll see how it goes, but meanwhile I apologize in advance if I’m not commenting on your journals like I usually do. :)

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