By Gaztyke_Stories

No Pain No Gains

Had a great morning doing a shoot with a local business, Izak runs an online personal trainer business, he has his own gym space that he streams training sessions from & that's where we shot some promotional shots.

We'd discussed before hand what we wanted from the shoot, the key phrase we kept coming back to was 'showing people that they need to commit to get gains'.

So Izak set about his usual circuit of exercises & I did my own form off exercise, crawling around on the floor, crouching to get shots & struggling for breath under my face mask, all of which was totally worth it as we were both delighted with the range of shots we got.

Really enjoying trying to capture power & dynamism at the moment, it's an area of photography I feel it's time for me to experiment with & I'm looking forward to shooting with a gymnast next week.

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