I had a productive crochet day. As well as growing my blanket by a few more rows, I hooked up this crown ear warmer for my sister. It is reflective yarn so shines under light - see extra.

My hair was driving me mad all day and by evening I couldn’t stand it any more so I was brave and took the thinning scissors to it! I lopped a load off - see extra.  It is still way too long but is looking way better now that it is thinned out a bit.  I was going to see if I could hang on until the hairdressers reopen but no chance of that.  Now I have taken the plunge I reckon I should be able to keep it under control with some regular thinning out. My only worry is that I didn’t tackle the back as I couldn’t see the back and that wasn’t driving me as mad as the stuff around my face. That does mean I am probably heading dangerously towards a mullet at some point, if the salons stay closed for too long.

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