By mollyblobs

Surface details

After months of relative inactivity regarding administration of Molly's estate, things have suddenly got moving, which is taking up a fair amount of time. Yesterday we went over to the house to pack up more belongings, and briefly met with Chris and Lizzy, so that they could check whether there were any suitable chests of drawers for their bedroom, which they've recently repainted.

We were back again this morning to talk to Molly's next door neighbour about the boundary fence, which had partly fallen over in the recent gales. Unfortunately, the neighbour had accosted the estate agent and prospective purchaser yesterday afternoon about the matter, which we thought we'd sorted out with her, putting off the purchaser who otherwise would have put in an offer. I had a sleepless night beforehand, but in the end our meeting seemed to go well and we're hoping that we've headed off any future problems.

As it was so mild and spring-like, Pete and I spent most of the afternoon in the garden, pruning and tidying. I escaped for a quick walk at Thorpe Meadows, but it was heaving with people, so I ended up taking the muddy riverside path which was much quieter. There wasn't much wildlife around, so I ended up photographing these rather dilapidated railings. I remember when they were a fairly bright red, but they've become much more attractive with age, fading to a gentle pink with interesting areas of rust and flecks of the former duck-egg blue paint peeking through.

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