Lost in Thought

By steveng

Well, that didn't go well (DS233)

Today's little task was to replace one of the wires connecting our garage door to the spring unit which helps with lifting it open.  I managed to get this one off, which as you can see is quite frayed.  When I tried to get the tension in the spring into a state where I could attach the plastic cone to the rest of the mechanism I broke the other wire and so released all of the spring tension.   Fortunately, no fingers were anywhere near the moving parts, it could have been so much worse.  The door does still open and the locking is ok,  just no assistance with lifting it and we'll have to prop it open.

We were thinking of replacing the door anyway - this was supposed to be a cheap (£10) fix to keep it running for a few months while we organised things.  I suppose that will just have to be brought forward.

Our neighbour had theirs replaced a few years back so we do at least have a contact we can try. 

One for Derelict Sunday!
Thanks to Marlieske for hosting.

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