By IainatCreel

Ideal Holms

Across to see my Mum, get messages, blacken her boots, oil her unicycle, find her cigar cutter etc. 

It’s not been bad for a Monday afternoon in February; almost serene.  The sky has stretched itself beyond the horizon – we walked in a reverie, a slight sea breeze on our backs.  Innertoon, Ootertoon, weaving through the toon..  A small group of Great Northern Divers tinkled in the Flow.  A lone rock pipit seeped and two ravens croaked and barreled above the weathered cliffs.  We are afloat on a green island, days glide by.  Today is all benign and twinkling.  Tomorrow it will be battered by 55 mph winds.

Never make random roadside enquiries.

Delbert McClinton is 80.

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