By Maureen6002


I really didn’t think I’d be blipping any more pansies. Quite apart from anything else, they appeared decimated by the frost and snow - but these hardy little flowers have proved resilient, heads held high, brushing off their afflictions. 

My intention is to photograph the progress of my purple crocuses, but my eye is drawn to the sunshine illuminating the violas. Still jewelled with dew - or, more likely, overnight rain, the sun is shining through their yellow petals causing them to almost glow. 

Our garden being bathed in sunshine is cause for celebration. Suddenly, the sun seems to have climbed significantly from its midwinter low which leaves us in a ‘twilight zone’. Of course, it’s been a gradual transition, but it always seems to take us by surprise. 

As well as sunshine, our day has had other excitement. G’s car refuses to start and we have to call a recovery service. Within minutes, ‘the man’ is here; it’s just a flat battery - but we need to take the car on a longish drive. So, for the first time since lockdown, we have a quick explore of the area around Colwyn Bay - legitimately leaving home. And of course it’s a beautiful day to do this, reminding us of all the stunning scenery waiting for us when all this is over. 

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