By Helwild


It's not the best image, but we met this pig on our walk today. It did come over to us and give us a cursory glance, but then went back to snuffling in the field.

We did our "Two Ridges" walk. It's one my other half devised which took us over the back of the Trentham Garden estate into Kings Wood. That's the first ridge. We then walk through the village of Tittensor, popped over the M6. Not dodging the traffic, there was a bridge! And then on to the next ridge in Hanchurch Woods.

Walking along each ridge you can see across to the other one. It was a shame the visibility wasn't that good. Nearly 4 hours of walking with plenty of ascent to get your heart and lungs going. All good training for our walking holiday in September. Fingers crossed!

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