inkface's year

By inkface

just a quick job...!

This is taking me ages. We’re going to put some photos on the chimneybreast wall in the bedroom we’ve just decorated. Originally going to have 12, all mono. So I started looking at recent photo folders. I sorted out about 20 and asked Mr I if he thought they were a good selection. Oh yes he said, then suggested ‘a few more’ he remembered liking. Then we thought it’d be nice to have a few coloured ones, then we decided to have ones of Nelly and Ziggy, oh and a nice fun sepia picture of my mum and dad. After looking through them again we removed the more formal ones and replaced them with yet more casual ones. I am now on my third wall folder and have about 45 pictures. Some are going to have to go as the wall isn’t that big...!

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