By Wuggybear

I had a fight with an umbrella

No parking on campus this morning so i had to drive around to another car park off campus.

You would think i would be happy to be happy to be parking in such a beautiful location.

But the minute i got off the car, i remembered i forgot my coat at home... then i remembered wooohoooo ive got a golf umbrella in the car, all chat Pat be proud.

The moment i unfolded the umbrella i felt like Mary Poppins i was about to take off with the wind!! Thankfully the extra padding kept me grounded!

200 metres down the road, i felt i was in a show of wwe wrestling, nickname "suit man" wrestling what felt like an eternity with the umbrella tag teaming with the wind, it was a good tussle but unfortunately i lost, the umbrella took a battering and was no longer an umbrella but a large sheet flowing freely in the wind!! Could also be used as a sail for a boat as gold umbrellas are huge.

Thankfully im working from home for the rest of the week!!!

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