By Charente

Carpenter Bee....

I saw three different butterflies today, all too quick for me, bumblebees, honey bees and violets have sprung up all over our lawn in pink, violet and white.  I have never seen the white ones before,  I was only in the garden for about 10 minutes so it was all pretty exciting.

Shopping this morning took us up to lunchtime.  Then after lunch I was making up more soup using all the tops of the celery we had bought, and I threw in a selection of everything else I had bits and pieces of, probably one of the best flavoured soups this year, the others were all good but this is exceptional.  If only I could remember what went into it!!!!  I have some idea but no idea of the quantities!

The afternoon just vanished.  Dinner was filet beef steak, we decided to spoil ourselves as we never go out fo a meal anymore.  It was big thick and juicy and cooked bleu just how we both like it.  It was served with a medium size jacket potato, runner beans, carrots with parsnip and a few mushrooms.   We both thoroughly enjoyed it.☺☺

Keep well everybody.  Sorry if I am struggling to keep up with comments but another busy day tomorrow.

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