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Little Horton (Wednesday 24th February 2021)

The loft roof was completed this morning, and work has begun on the single-storey extension that contains the porch and conservatory. There was a lot of noise and bustle involved so I took the necessary step of going out in the car.

I have been good at observing the rules of staying at home and only taking local exercise 'within our village, town or area of city', basically meaning within walking distance, and as I live on a main road surrounded by housing estates there hasn't been much scope.

My nearest stretch of working canal is the Kennet and Avon at Little Horton, 8.7 miles away, and my visit there today was my first sighting of the canal in 2021. On the way there I saw a wheeling red kite. It was rather a drab day with little going on and I had issues with both of the cameras I was using but it was good to be out and about and getting some bracing exercise.

To make the walk circular I returned along an adjacent road which afforded views of a mixed cattle herd; again, possibly the first cows I've seen this year. Groundfeeding among them were a pair of magpies, lots of starlings, a pair of grey wagtails and some unidentifiable small blobs that might have been finches.

The run did the car some good as the battery was a little sluggish to begin with, having stood for so long.

23.2.2021 (1921 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Johnny Horton - Lover's Rock (1957)
Lover's Rock was a B-side written by Dave Burgess of the Champs. Johnny Horton's surname gives the link to my day, though the song title also links the Steve McQueen anthology of films that I am currently enjoying.

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