By Ingleman

Big Brother, Little Sister

There are more questions than answers. Pictures in my mind that will not show. There are more questions than answers. And the more I find out the less I know. Yeah, the more I find out the less I know. 

I have been photographing two inanimate lumps of metal today, both related in composition but miles apart in origin, or maybe not?

The big round one is a cannonball. Or is it?
The small knobbly one is a meteorite. Are you sure?

I have done research on cannonballs and the subject is utterly fascinating. Who knew that there was so much to know? Not me, and there is far too much to include here. But this one is a solid lump of iron, spherical in shape and seven pounds in weight. I found it in my garden 37 years ago. Research shows my garden was once a field, the Monarch's Way footpath is not far away, and we have Moseley Old Hall and Boscobel House nearby. My imagination takes no prompting in dreaming up visions of Royalist encampments and such like. But then. There are markings which suggest it might not be a cannonball at all. Is it a shot put. Possibly but if so why is it in my back garden...questions, questions. 
The meteorite is a meteorite, It has been analysed and proven so. Made up of various composite metals that occur naturally on Earth. But this came from outer space. How far has it travelled? Why did it not burn up on entering Earth's atmosphere? It was lying in full view on a path in Wiltshire. How did I see it and no one else did? My brother found another, almost identical one within two miles of mine. Just coincidence? Are there more scattered around? Are they pieces of a much larger lump that broke up on it's journey to our little planet?

It's doing my head in so I have blipped and I am now going to lie down, you sort it out.......

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