By IainatCreel

The Bairns at the Beach

In the morning I picked up my mother and took her back to HQ for a meal.  She hasn’t used her buggy recently and she’s gradually losing her mobility.  However I put her buggy in the car and (after CMC had pulled out all the culinary stops) she had a go with her buggy.  She acquitted herself very well.  So this has brought on a ‘trip’.  She has to go to Kirkwall this week to see the optician.  Therefore she has asked me to accompany her also to the haberdashers to get some new ‘ladies items’.  Then to Boots.  If any one is averse to choice language then Kirkwall (Friday) is to be avoided.

When I put my mother home, I received a call from my S-i-L to go to the Co-op and get her a few items.  It would have been mad to refuse.

Later CMC and myself walked the circuit, first time for a while, and we met folk in the graveyard who we hadn’t seen for some time.    Things started well with one politician being called a ‘vituperative bitch’.  Other than that she seemed to be quite well liked.   Fifty minutes later and we’d sorted out all global problems.   The catch up also enabled us to  solve the ‘mystery man’ from the village.

Whilst the adults had light political banter the bairns were on the Bu Beach.

Evie Anne McLellan is three days old.  Mother and bairn doing well.

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