By Diarised

Lunchtime plod

Rain was forecast for lunchtime but I decided to go out anyway.  That was a good choice as it turned out to be very windy and that must have moved the rain clouds on as I only got splattered by a few spots.

We had comms from Leo’s school about them reopening so things are gearing up for the big return.  I had to sign stuff to permit COVID testing and it sounds like the kids are going to self administer the tests under supervision. That is a bit like we have on campus where people on site get to take 2 tests a week and all trek up to our Sports Hall to self administer them under supervision.

It will do Leo good to get back to school. He has spent far too much time online recently. His footie training should start up again soon which will also do him the power of good. He has been doing some strength exercises at home but not much cardio work.  He’ll feel that when he gets back to it.

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