By mollyblobs

Red-throated Diver

After a morning Zoom meeting, Pete and I headed off to Spalding yet again, to collect a couple of sets of drawers for Chris and Lizzy, and to gather up a few more boxes of assorted kitchen equipment, vases and nik-naks. I shall be so pleased when we can take some of her belongings to Age Concern, but we have discovered quite a few rather nice Art Deco pieces that we will be keeping - we just need to sort out our house so that we can display them!

We drove out along the Welland and stopped at Crowland Bridge to see if we could see the Red-throated Diver that has been hanging around for several weeks. Pete soon spotted it close to the bank - I'm not sure whether it was just resting or whether it's poorly, but it was very inactive and had its eyes shut for prolonged periods. However, its plumage appeared in good condition, so I hope it survives and soon makes its way back to the coast.

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