By Veronica

In the pink

The flowering trees in the little placette next to our house are at their best now, absolutely covered in blossom. It's a sheltered spot so they manage to hang onto it, unlike the almond trees in the vineyards.

And as you can see, the sky was blue! First time in days. After lunch we went out for a shortish walk so that S could test his new ankle support for his damaged ligaments. We walked up to the bergerie, battling against a stiff headwind. Somewhat disappointing that A wasn't at home when we got there. The woolly ladies were, but they weren't interested in us, having rapidly surmised that we were not bringing food. It's a lovely spot, so we sat on the terrace for a bit, totally sheltered from the wind and with a view over the village. The wind blew us back down the hill to home.

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