By Arachne

I can't stay indoors when the sun is shining so out in the garden I attacked the buddleia root and the holly root, both of which have been languishing half-attacked in their holes for months. Mostly I won and I then filled in the holes so I can believe I won (at least until green shoots emerge). I moved my pots of apple trees - rootstocks-to-be - out of the greenhouse where I'd put them about a month ago to protect them from frost. Every pot was full of weeds, presumably nature's way of insulating the soil. I binned the grass, the groundsel and the dead-nettle, I transplanted the forget-me-not and I used my identify-plants app to discover, to my great surprise, that three lots of greenery I didn't recognise were edible: lambs leaves, land cress and bittercress. So salad season has arrived early.

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