By SamAgainPlease

Time for bed

I started getting cold-like symptoms (not "flu-like symptoms") on Monday when I was at work.  Yesterday I knew I had a cold (or some sort of allergy reaction) so decided to go for a COVID test (as recommended) but, everything around here is a drive through and no car.  That was my excuse anyway.  I'm pretty sure they'd be able to accommodate me but decided to wait.

I probably picked up something on Sunday in Lane Cove.  Anyway, had the car today, drove through and by 5pm not only did I discover I was COVID-19 negative, they also told me I did not have Influenza A or B or RSV.  Four tests for the price on none!

Normally day "in the home office" basically (busy in other words).  Back in the old days, I'd've rung in sick.  Work's not so bad when you've got a cold but public transport really does me in - I know I generally hate it (not the ferry, which alas I've not used for nigh on 20 years now), but having a cold makes it intolerable.

Spotted this water lily as the sun was getting ready to set....

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