Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal


Slept in with Darwin last night and he was up a couple of times in the night but wanted out at 5.45. Wouldn’t have minded so much if I hadn’t planned to run Kilda this morning in the Cani Sport Scotland February virtual race. We headed out at 7am to do our 5k practice run in case we don’t get time tomorrow. She had her breakfast and then decided it was time to rest up in her chair for the morning. J took Kilda for a run on the beach tonight, hence me being up early to run Kilda, and I decided to try and catch up on some photos with Darwin in the study. He then discovered he is now big enough to climb on the sofa in there, it was only a matter of time but I was hoping it would be another couple of weeks, little sod. Bath time for both dogs tonight as Kilda is getting cut tomorrow with my new clippers.

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