By Charente

3000 photos I am amazed.....

whare all the years have gone.  My very first photo was of the Charente river so I thought another one today was quite apt.  I have loved blip and what a great community, thanks everyone for being there when needing a boost.

Last nights pie looked fabulous, but as with many turkey dishes even with lardons and mushrooms in it, we thought it was a bit bland.  I did put some chilli in it and spices but obviously not enough.  The pastry though was amazing :-)  We have the second half tonight so I will spice the turkey up a little more.  Also looking forward to trying the cheesecake, hope that is more interesting.

Might try to cut the lawn this afternoon if the mower starts, but I also want to watch the final of the snooker, I am not sure which might win.  On the other hand, an hour out of the early snooker I might not miss too much.

 Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and stay safe.

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