By Ingleman

Old Friend

Today I have washed two cars and removed a billion and one tar spots from the white paintwork of my wife's little Toyota (other cars are available to be washed) I am feeling tired but mellow, having added another mile to the twenty I have walked this week. On target for 1000 miles in 2021, just eight hundred to go! My mile took me to the quiet meadows of the greenbelt land between my urban sprawl and the vast housing estate of Perton, South Staffs. Lucky to have this precious band of fields and woodland to walk, watch birds and other wildlife. While I was standing in the middle of this field, a beautiful dog fox walked past, winked and trotted off to see his lady friend back over Muddy Lane. Lucky old dog. I have blipped the sun setting in the west, just behind my favourite tree. We are old friends. I visit him throughout the seasons. He hasn't changed  a bit. 

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