If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Honey Bee on Snowdrop.

Another lovely day.  This week the PAT testing (yes pedant I know the T stands for testing but just saying the PAT is due is strange)needs done.  Owing to Covid we have had to remove a lot of things to fit in with the "safer stays scheme".   So we took the Christmas Tree and lights out and now they need to go back for testing.

Our next door neighbour at the Lodge has a very large patch of snowdrops several metres square.   It was absolutely humming with the Honey Bee activity.  Not only could I hear them but I think I could smell the Snowdrops.   Do Snowdrops have a scent.  Clearly they were harvesting pollen.   The pollen sacs on the hind legs were full of bright orange pollen.  The pollen is high in protein and is valuable to most stages of bee in the Hive.

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