Fun in the sun

The Hanullis were outside in the garden and enjoyed the sun.
Even the snowman had fun in the sun, what is rather unusual for snowmen ;-)

Reminder: The tag for TiPS,  the stage for the adventures of all kinds of tiny figures is TiPS2021. Share your creative entries with other lovers of tiny people  and have fun  :-D

I had an early alarm, even though it was weekend, but I had to do the weekly shopping and I try to do this before the stores are too busy.
I couldn't get rid of an annoying headache all day long.
We started to plan something for the 50th anniversary of the Mouse and watched a concert for kids. The team of the Mouse can even turn the "Bolero" by Ravel into an adventure :-)
After I finished to hang up the laundary, I had a walk with Teba and Omo to enjoy the sun, but Teba announced that she would need a loo, so we hurried home again. It was false alarm.
She just didn't feel like going for a walk.

I continued to build a table for photographing. I started with it ages ago and I couldn't find my plans back. Today I got a new additional idea, but I still have no clue how I have to  complete it. And it should be ready yesterday. Task not done.
After dinner I worked with Teba on her voice computer adding new words. We blipped Teba's blip. Now it's late, but I think I will disappear into a very hot bubble bath to get finally rid of the headache... or to tip over to bed... ;-)

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