City wandering

Surprisingly (after a long sleep) woke feeling fine - no aches after yesterday's adventure. Looked like another beautiful day so I headed off down to M&S to buy something different for supper (it's getting very boring when I only ever go to a couple of shops and am getting very repetitive with my cooking). On the way down I was struck by the stunning display of crocuses in Princes St gardens (extra), and by how quiet the streets were. Mt later said that in Enfield this afternoon it seemed really busy.
On my way home I took a detour to go and find the brass markers of the line of the old Luckenbooths on the High St, and also the dates marking key events on that part of the street over many years (Old Tolbooth prison etc). Since I've finished the novel about the fictionalised lives of people who inhabited these tenements I've thought quite a lot about the history of the city and its residents, especially in this higgledy piggledy part of the old city.
Home and started some baking - pistachio macarons (several of which didn't work very well - I need to practice them again!), rhubarb mazarin cakes and a huge vat of mushroom soup.
Looking forward to supper soon and some pottery throwdown nonsense on TV. Monday again tomorrow, and time to turn another empty page of the calendar....

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