By kirstymill


It was another spring-like day today, so I decided to go for a walk along the Water of Leith in the afternoon. I ran into someone I know from work, so we chatted for a while. I thought that was nice and it had really cheered me up (I think I hit a bit of a wall this morning with lockdown, so needed a bit of cheering up). I carried on a little bit further and stopped to photograph a goosander hanging out in the middle of the Water of Leith. As I was snapping away a man came up and said that there was a kingfisher just over there! So of course I went to look and there it was! I must have watched for about 10 minutes as it sat, then dived to the water, then flitted to another branch, then caught and ate a fish. Truly wonderful and it well and truly cheered me up.

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