West Deeping

The sun was shining and the feeling of spring stimulated  me to go to West Deeping to do some botanical recording. This lovely Lincolnshire village is only a short distance away, well within the area I consider to be 'local', and for most of my walk I scarcely saw another human being.This is a view back towards the church and mill along a backwater of the River Welland.

I found over 170 species of plant on my gentle walk round the village, including several which were new to the area. I also had a very close encounter with a remarkably bold Muntjac deer. As I was heading back to the car I met a friend who lives in the village who took me back to the village hall to show me the work she's been doing to the garden at the front. She also gave me an off-cut of a fern that I'd not encountered before - Nested Polypody Polypodium californicum 'Sarah Lyman'. 

In the evening Alex and Charley cooked dinner - a delicious meat loaf with spicy tomato sauce, a cheese and potato bake and lots of broccoli - yummy indeed!

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