Northern Exposure

By Northern

A beautiful evening and the boys and I decided to surprise Steven who was coming home after a few days in Inverness. He didn't need picked up but we thought we would head for a beach for a while. Then go and get chips for tea followed by meeting him off the plane.

We were late heading off (due to homework needing finished) and decided we should go get chips first in case we ran out of time. The chippie was queued out the door and it took me 20 minutes to get served. So the trip to the beach became a non event. We dashed to the airport with 10 minutes to spare, bolted down our chips sitting in the car park. Then ran into the airport ready to surprise the weary traveller. Only to find that the plane had got in 15 minutes early and by now Steven would be at home wondering where we were. Not exactly the welcome home we planned.

The picture... plastic bottles used as cane toppers to stop us poking out our eyes when working in the veg garden. Is it recycling? Or just using what you have to hand instead of forking out cash on garden gizmos? Some may not think they look very pretty but I quite like them... and they match the old rubber tyre walls.

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