Beautiful sunny spring day - just gorgeous (even warm, as long as you were in the sun!). Most of the day in meetings but I managed a walk in the park at lunchtime and it was lovely....lots of swans and catkins and people enjoying the weather. I was pleased at the pace I managed and that my cardio fitness levels are improving (as measured by oxygen levels during exercise - no idea what that really means but it's one of my watch's options!). I just need to keep it up!
Home and some more meetings before a nice long chat with K on her birthday...we were reminiscing on previous birthday treats, and lovely dinners we've had on this day in previous years. Instead of one of those I had the other half of my  M&S 'dine in for £10' dinner from last night. Chilly in the evening and the forecast suggests it's going to be cloudier for the next few days, so I'm pleased I made the most of today within the bounds of a working day!

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