Cambridge Dave's 2021

By CambridgeDave

Postbox with an attitude problem!

The extra photo shows this Spiked Pillar Box in its full glory!

At the junction of Priory Road and Riverside in Cambridge is a rare ‘anonymous’ pillar box, made all the more unusual because of the spikes on the top.

It is thought that this pillar box was moved from its original location near the gasworks – now Newmarket Road Tesco Supermarket – with the spiky top remaining, which was originally added to stop people using it to climb over the gasworks wall.

Cylindrical pillar boxes were introduced in 1879, but it took 13 years to add the royal cypher and the words “Post Office”. There are a number of these ‘anonymous’ pillar boxes in Cambridge.

Update: Eagle-eyed Brian noticed the small mini box by the side which I had missed. It is a mini post box work of art that opens up! See here:

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