By annemcurtis

Snow over Scotland....2 views

A back blip trying to make sense of what happened. These two photos were taken on this day. I'm now beginning to remember this day and it was a very bad one. Alan managed to go downstairs and sit in his chair. He did drink some water but he didn't or couldn't eat anything. I think the last thing he ate was the pizza that I made but then only very little. 
In the evening he looked very strange. He was looking at me but not exactly focussing or much comprehending. I thought that I would feel his pulse as he has Af and its what I used to do when I he suffered from being symptomatic. I couldn't get his pulse so I put the blood pressure monitor on him. I was shocked to see that it was very low. I felt that I had to say to him that I might have to get a doctor out. He did not want to go to hospital at all so I got him to lie down and see what the next readings would be. Slowly it went up but only borderline. He was leading with me not to go to hospital. Probably against my better judgement I decided that he could stay at home but I would be calling the doctor first thing in the morning. He was exhausted going up stairs but he got there and into bed

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