By Ingeborg

Have a heart

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's lucky number Blip Day :-) Have a virtual piece of one of these hearts, it's Dutch 'boterkoek' which translates into 'buttercookie/cake', not the most healthy but definitely morish, crispy outside, soft inside because of a lot of butter, the small one has ginger as extra ingredient.
I'll try to react on all your comments, stars and hearts as soon as possible !

Today we had the baptism of real babysitting, we hadJack for most of the day while his parents went to The Hague to fulfil the necessary final legal steps to get Fumiko registered as resident and get Jack his Japanese passport. Mission accomplished on both sides !

It was also my and my sisters' Mom's 86th birthday and when D&F came to collect Jack we had a real multinational video call with Mom, her three daughters and their families (see the extra ). My Mom lives alone in  a region in Lombardy in Italy which has just been declared an orange zone again, so she can't be visited by anybody from outside her region and both my sisters live in other Northern regions in Italy. All we could do is  sending her flowers, have a birthday cake  delivered and then holding this video call.

All in all a successful day :-)

Remember that tomorrow's Abstract Thursday challenge has no theme and that the tag is AT297

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