Again and Again

By Ripitup

Daily exercise

My feet, knee and hips hurt; a timely reminder to refocus on my eating habits as, I am sure, the extra weight I have added over the last few months is not helping.

I am taking things at work very slowly after some time out but it remains challenging and budget announcements this week add more challenges to the list. My managers have been very supportive though and I am grateful for that.

I enjoyed a walk through the woods, to the next village and back. There had been much work done and piles of wood were stacked all over the place. The bluebells have started to appear, their greeness hinting at the display to follow.

The tree across our path appeared to have fallen without human intervention and we chambered over, stopping for pictures on top. I pretended to be riding it as a broomstick. My sister has always been more sensible. We were almost home when the rain started and Paula got to use her umbrella.

I was pleased that Roo and I had walked earlier in the day and that I didn't need to go out again so I stopped off for a cup of tea with my father, dropping off some meals that Paula had prepared for him before heading home and doing the same.

I had salad and sushi as I was limited to 500 calories but enjoyed the tiniest sliver of chocolate that I had wanted to try for a while.

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