Lockdown Easing?

With the talk of easing of lockdown on the way it looks like being out and about on the bike might, after all, happen this year. Didn't happen at all the past 12 months other than the odd trip into town for some shopping that we couldn't get on line, or for the Bike MOT.
There may be some local stuff happening but the first major ride will be up to Bishop Auckland for our annual (except for 2020 of course) Royal British Legion Riders National Rally. It's about 4 hours using all motorway or 4.5 hours avoiding most of the motorway. A nice ride so looking forward to July.
This does mean it needs to be ready so, although it's some way off yet, today was a major check that there was nothing coming loose, all bolts and nuts checked where possible, covers secure, top box  and pannier bags off (photos showing a naked XL1200T apart from the windshield) and a clean of the parts that don't normally get reached.
Luckily I had a little helper as seen in the bottom right photograph.

Also a thorough POWDDERS check.
P - Petrol, enough fuel for the journey? check fuel gauge, reset trip meter.
O - Oil and other fluids, clutch, brake, no bubbles or water. Check oil filler cap secure.
W - Water, Radiator level and cooling fins for blockages or damage, check for any leaks from fluid reservoirs and hoses. (No radiator on a proper Harley Davidson, air cooled!).
D - Damage. Visual examination for any damage to panels, panniers, luggage is secure and balanced.
D - Drive, Chain oiled and correct tension, sprockets - no teeth missing or hooked / Shaft has no leaks, gaiters in place and not damaged / Belt, correct tension and belt cover not damaged or rubbing and no damage to belt 'teeth'.
E - Electrics, check all electrical systems lights, running lights, dipped/main beam, Brake lights, indicators and hazards, number plate light, instrument warning lights, audible warning (horn), extras might be heated grips, 12v accessory, windscreen position. 
R - Rubber, Wheels, free and undamaged. Tyres tread depth, free from cuts, bulges, tears and pressure correct. Throttle (Twist and release), Footrest rubbers in good condition.
S - Steering & Suspension, Headrace bearings, free movement lock to lock and self centring, Check for trapped cables, engine tone may increase, suspension set for weight, pillion & luggage adjustments, Fork seals should be clean and no leaks.

And that's all there is to it! you have to know this off by heart for an advanced riding test, as well and being able to ride correctly of course!

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