Face to Face

A thoroughly enjoyable Coffee & Chat session this morning with some members of camera club.  We had been asked to submit up to four images showing our area in Lockdown.  It was really interesting to see the different ways we had chosen to show what it has been like.  Everyone had captured varied and contrasting moments. I thought I would compile a photobook and get all members of the club to submit some images. I'll have to see who might be interested - camera club can pay for the book and members will get a free online link.

Later on I set up things for a smoke session.  I had to learn how to set up the trigger for the flash to work off camera - I've only ever used it TTL before.  This Godox flash I bought a while ago is quite complicated and I've been putting off tackling how to properly operate it - I want to be able to do strobe flash too.  

The smoke was interesting but not dramatic I thought one looked a bit like a face so a bit of faffing in Lightroom and Photoshop resulted in 'Face to Face'!  I'll have another play tomorrow and at least the house smells good from burning the incense sticks.

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