Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Becker Lake

looking NE over US60, Casa Malpais on the bluff, and Coyote hills.

         Lots of ducks visiting. Didn't get any decent snaps, well I'll add one heavily cropped one (extra). To the reference books I go and I think I saw Northern shovellers/shovelers (US, like traveller and 'traveler' which I always pronounce traveelur  in my head?) I digress. Bufflehead and lesser scaup.

       Finally making some progress on clearing out the garage to make space for the car. Kathy thought she cleared a space last year, I said, "Don't forget I have to be able to open the doors to get in and out of the car." Some stuff can be recycled, some gardening stuff can go out to  garden storage, stuff, detritus, What's this?? Why do we have two identical folding ladders? one still wrapped? . . . Hauled some stuff off to the transfer station, "That truck's too pretty to be haulin' trash," said a bloke unloading a long trailer full of stuff

       'Stuff' has changed its meaning over the years or rather our usage of the word has changed - used to refer only to woven materials.

       Got my second COVID-19 jab this morning.

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