By Mrsmacdub

Day 6

Well, what a day it’s been! Three major earthquakes, tsunami warnings and evacuations for parts of New Zealand, flood warnings for the rest of New Zealand.  Fortunately, nothing major happened, thank goodness.  And the Prime Minister announced that Auckland will go down to Level 2 at 6am on Sunday morning, the rest of New Zealand to Level 1. Hooray!!

As I walked around Meadowbank today listening to the news reports I was cheered by this silly joke posted on the fence outside a house.  I’ve just checked it out and the reason is copied below.  I had quite a giggle as I read through some of the, very silly, jokes.  Hopefully other people have been cheered by the silliness too.

Reason to
27 February at 14:04 · 

My local city of Auckland, NZ is back in lockdown for at least 7 days. This means I am posting some physical location jokes in my suburb of Meadowbank for the duraiton of level 3 to brighten the day for many people struggling with this news. Below the locations of the jokes for those of you in or around Meadowbank. For those not nearby, or overseas, not to worry - all the jokes will be posted here for you to also have a reason to #keepsmiling #reasontosmile #sillyjokes#payitforward

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