Two steps forward...

By stevvi


I’ve just got the Canon 1.4x extender for my RF100-500 lens to give me a little extra reach for those far away objects (I could have done with it yesterday) so, unless something else crops up (bad pun), I thought I’d do a mini-project of simple, easy to take, bird shots for a few days to see what it can do. For those that are interested, this is a 3800x2850 crop of the original 8192x5464 file. The 8000 ISO is high but I reckon it’s cleaned up well.

Talking of files sizes, unless I’ve misinterpreted, I realised today that Blip resizes all in-page images to have a long side maximum of 640 pixels  960 pixels, which explains where they usually look bad. Even the “large” versions only have a max long side of 2048 pixels, it seems. I know bandwidth costs money etc. but for a photo site this is pretty woeful in this day and age.

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a great weekend :)

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