By Arachne

Looks more or less OK, I think? Or thought. It absolutely wasn't. After my two allegedly leaky water butts had collapsed over the pavement for the third time and I'd reworked the bungees every way I could think of I walked the rest of the stressful three miles home, at about 2mph. 

Having finally got home I was shattered and as I was winding down over a cup of coffee an an odd thought came into my half-asleep head: I wonder how long my phone is going to last... I wonder what it would cost to repair if it broke... How have I managed never to break a phone screen... That was strange - the phone is not old, I'm fairly good at looking after it and it works perfectly well. I woke myself up and promptly dropped my phone. Déjà-vu? No, it was intact. 

I went out to inspect the butts which both seemed to me to be in good condition and as if they would be perfectly leak-proof once they had taps fitted. So rather than cut them up to plant apple trees, I started planning how to use them as extra water butts. And muse all over again on where to get large plant containers.

You already know what happened this evening. I got up to make a cup of tea and tripped over the charging cable.

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