Colour Co-ordinated Ruby

Ruby and Eric arrived as we were going out to take F.M.i.L. for her Covid-19 vaccination. When we got back Betty gave Ruby the hat that she was wearing, Ruby loves hats, and realised that she was colour co-ordinated with her top, a pure coincidence.
I've added an extra of this mornings walk with Jonty. Went out at 0800 hence the long shadow. Jonty wanted to know why he is not as tall as that black dog on the ground. I tried to explain but gave up after a while.
The black head gull was on the frosty playing field (Wonder why they call them black headed gulls? must be a good reason for it).
There is the daytime moon, very pale against the bright blue of the sky.
And one caught by the new security camera that I installed a couple of weeks ago. We get an alert when there is motion but we turned off the audible alert sound as it goes off for a cat, delivery vans, even the fluttering Union Flag will set it off if it happens to be pointing in that direction!

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