Life through the lens...

By ValC

Cats eyes.

I noticed this black cat, in a garden up the road, a few weeks ago, and at first thought it was real!
So I thought it was suitable for Silly Saturday.

On our walk today we saw a strange sight of two birds which seemed stuck together.
Back home I googled it and found out they were Velcrows!
Well it is Silly Saturday.

Our walk took longer than usual today as we started talking to a couple and half an hour just flew by.
I thought the lady looked a bit familiar, and funnily enough she thought the same. However neither of us could think where we had met before. Still a mystery.

This afternoon I went to the local garden nursery to buy some seed potatoes and also some violas. Then spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden.
Means our evening meal is going to be rather late as the Spiced Slow- cooked Lamb Shanks take an hour and a half to cook.
So in the meantime we are enjoying a glass or two of white Macon Village and some Tyrrell’s cheddar and chive crisps.

( sorry about the joke, but hope it gave you a smile or a sigh)

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