Rural Idyll

In the summer this is a cricket field, but I'm glad to see that the locals have a small football goal set up when cricket is not in season.

But this idyll is quite spoiled by traffic: it's just off the A428, a busy road between St Neots and Cambridge, so there is traffic noise a lot of the time. In addition there's a staggered junction with the B1040 just to the west and north of the village, which junction causes traffic queues in busy periods, so drivers take the short cut through the village to circumvent the queues and the poor place is cursed with rat-runners speeding through.

When the new A428 is built it might take the load off this village, but it will probably increase traffic noise – increased road capacity increases traffic.

It's one of the reasons that we're moving from the area: Cambridgeshire is a hot spot for development and impending east-west traffic routes.

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