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Cyclist by Clyde

I had a lovely wander in the sunshine today. I took a lot of pictures and I kind of liked this one. I thought this guy looked cool and he was cycling past the tree with the amazing bark. I'll be putting pictures of geese and other stuff up on Flickr when I get round to it. One that I liked from yesterday's visit to the Necropolis can be found here. There are also some others.

It was a lovely afternoon but I did become grumpy and frustrated as I couldn't walk as much as I'd like. I get sore and very tired in no time and there was so much to see. However, once I got home and had a cup of tea made by the lovely man himself, I got much cheerier again.

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's blip and your good wishes. They were quite overwhelming. It will be some time before I know whether my situation is resolved or not but I'll let you know :-)

Have a great one blippers!

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