By SquirrelsEtc

Silly Saturday ....

... National Iditarod week.

When I was checking the "National Day" calendar earlier this month looking for something special for Silly Saturday I saw that today is the start of National Iditarod Week.  

And you know how much I love to put together squirrel vignettes on these special days!  I had this sled and lots of stuffed animals so setting up the vignette was the easy part.  But ...

Getting the picture was not as easy as I imaged it would be!  But I persevered and finally this squirrel cooperated.  It was late in the day after we had returned from our walk so the lighting wasn't great. I processed in Topaz Studio to lighten it up and added a slight illustrator effect. 

Thank you to all that have participated in today's Silly Saturday.  I've had a first look through (since this is a backblip!) and will award my hearts and honorable mentions once I have a second look at them all.  I'm aiming for Wednesday ... but time will tell. 

Almost forgot to mention .... we saw our first chipmunk of the year today! Richard saw him/her in our front yard first and then I saw him/her later on!  I was so very excited!  

Backblipped: March 8, 2021. I'm late for my own challenge!

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