An old and faded print of a photo taken in my early months of camera ownership and photography. Jack Gordon and Gordon Brown sidecar racing at the East Fortune track in East Lothian (25th April 1982).

Had  a thought the other day... I know, I know, there's a novelty. How many photographs have I prints of that are visible about the house? Answer - four. One of those I bought, two I was given, and the above is the solitary one that I'd taken. Considering the tens of thousands, probably well over a hundred thousand, that I've taken over those 39 years, to find there's only one is more than a little sad. Really ought to do something about it, I suppose... not that there's been anything of note recently. Need to have a think about that, but only after sorting out all the ancient film archives. One job at a time.

Some  conciliation is that there are a good few houses and other places that have one or more of my photos displayed in them. A friend that forced me to take her wedding photos, said a few months afterwards, that a visit to her sister-in-law's home was like the wedding day all-over again - there were pictures everywhere. I did take a lot over that long day and night, to the extent that my arms ached the next day.

For the above photo, some more information and the whole picture from a scan of the negative, on t'other journal - large version is quite good considering the speed they were hurtling by at, and it was all manual focus in them days. Fortunately the negative hadn't faded like the print.

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