By Chrelizg21

Was I trespassing?

Another dramatic change in the weather - beautiful sunshine, much warmer, very little wind. Went for a long walk with P & S & was hoping to pass another derelict cottage I'd had my eye on. This afternoon's route didn't quite get there so I went out on my own again afterwards, trying to catch it while there was still some sun around - the forecast for the next few days is dire, & once the leaves start opening the view will be obscured even more. As you can see from the 3 views I've included, the cottage is in a state of collapse & the grounds pretty much overgrown. It's been almost completely hidden from the road for some time, but someone has made a bit of an entrance over the winter & I crept in , camera at the ready, hoping that no-one would challenge me. No-one did.

I assume the land is owned by the local farm. There was an elderly woman living there when we first moved here in the 80's. We thought her a little odd as she spent much time walking the local roads & tracks. Now, during lockdown, we spend hours walking in the locality. Strange, that..

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