Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Specsavers and the icy blast

First up was an eye test for two, with a side order of hand sanitisation and the like. Small changes, all of them for the worse, glasses ordered and paid for. Across the road for food, they call it lunch but as we didn't have time to eat at home, we're calling it breakfast.

Fresh from our chilled-to-the-bone ice sea photoshoot, we decided to have another go at the wintery blasts on the pebble beach just outside town, Sälsten. It means seal stone, and is a very pleasant area to visit on a summer's day, where swimming and the toasting of marshmallows is a possibility. Today the marshmallows would be bouncing away over the rocks! 

It was so cold, with no natural protection for our naked flesh from the windborne needles of chill. A total b*gger when you take your gloves off to press some button or other. Mostly I fumbled with my thick gloves on! There was ice sloshing about the shoreline and a grand swell on the water, the wind was vicious and it has been stormy like this for a few days now. A huge fir had come down recently, unusually snapped off about a metre up from the ground. They usually pull up the roots + soil and whatever is entangled in root growth and topple over leaving the root cake upended. Someone had been along and sawn it up and cleared the path. Sort of.

This is the wild north so the "path" was a mess of snow but mostly hard polished ice, and in places strewn with fir debris and the leavings of dogs. Delightful it isn't, and come spring the now frozen remains will thaw out and become very obvious.... On the other hand, I only saw one fag end in terms of human litter - which is wonderful! This area tends to be litter free on the whole, so much so that litter shocks you. Of course the glorious sun arrived as soon as we got in the car...

A few errands were run, the present for Luise was delivered and a chat on the doorstep was had. We bumped into two people we know in town and had conversations - one person said, "Oh out having lunch in town, it feels like we're on a charter trip!" We agreed that life is very different these days, and perhaps we won't go back to the hugging and travelling we did before...

Home, drawing done, yoga done - wrong end of the day for me but better to do it in a pathetic way than not at all I guess - a quick tea eaten and now it's going up for 9. Time to stop, and flop. I didn't get up till 9.30 this morning, that much sleep usually only happens if I'm ill. I don't feel ill at all. I wonder when I'll wake up tomorrow!

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