RW's Daily Exposures

By rwsphotography

Sandia Mountains - New Mexico

It's been a long time since I posted. Warning: Don't stop posting for any length of time! When I did, I was still taking photos like I was posting every day, but I was just too distracted by my job with Audubon, getting ready to move to New Mexico, (this photo is walking distance from my new house) and dealing with all the stuff that goes on from leaving a great job to selling our house in the Bay Area and searching and buying a house in beautiful New Mexico. Warning: Watch what you collect after 38 years in the same house and plan to move 1100 miles away! Lots of trips to the collection centers.

I'm happy to be back and will try and post a shot every day again, just not quite yet. Hey I made it to over 5 years straight. 

Love and Peace to You All,


PS - Now I really should change my profile too. 

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