Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

Sea treasures

I spend a lot of time walking along the beach or across the sand-dunes. I usually come back with something that has caught my eye. Some of these bits and pieces are attached to this circle of hazel twigs which hangs in our porch.

There are sea-shells, a bird's beak, an old lemonade bottle stopper, a small colony of bryozoans, a mermaid's purse, dog-whelk egg cases, barnacles, crab carapaces, a cow's tooth, a sheep's neck-bone, cuttlefish bones, pistol, .303 rifle and .45 Thompson sub-machine bullets from WW2, a piece of sand-blasted green glass, a bit of Victorian pottery, a piece of the stem of a clay-pipe a stone-age flint, corroded barbed wire for the WW2 beach defences, an ancient stone bead, a sponge, dried sea-weed and a tangle of nylon fishing line. It's an innocent hobby!

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